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Here at Community of Joy that means lots of things.  We strive first and foremost to be a church, not the building but the body of believers, who live our lives as Jesus demonstrated for us. 

JESUS taught that there is a time to worship and to learn.  We do that by gathering as a body on Sunday morning, in 5Q circles, our youth join together at C2 and our children at JoyKidz. 

JESUS taught that we are to build a community.  We are a place where relationships matter.  We genuinely care about each other and support one another as we deal with the ups and downs of life.  We have fun together and deepen our connections with Second Sundays Out, family game nights, carry in meals, movie nights, Super Bowl parties, picnics and various other events where we can just be ourselves in a safe, loving community.

JESUS taught that we are to serve. We strive to be like Jesus and spend time among the broken and hurting.  We want to extend God's love through providing food and shelter to those in need by our work with God's Kitchen and the CESP shelter.  Another way that we serve our community is through our Be a Blessing Sundays.  Every time there is a 5th Sunday in a month we suspend our normal worship gatherings and form small teams to complete various projects to benefit our neighbors near and far.  

JESUS taught that we are to love.  One way we express that love is by our commitment to Pinehurst Elementary.  We are their faith based partner and stress heavily the partnership that is necessary as we guide the future generation.

JESUS taught that we are to share our resources.  One way that we carry out that mission is through the Camden Community Garden. By cultivating fresh, healthy vegetables that are free for all we can provide nutritious food for our neighbors but it is SO much more!  It is in the Garden that we are "growing more than veggies".  

JESUS taught that we are God's children.  We want to go outside the 4 walls of our ministry center and serve those that God loves, EVERYONE. 


...being the hands and feet of Jesus in our world!

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