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  Our Facility 

In 2007, God graciously provided us with a place of our own. Previously, we had rented facilities for worship on Sundays.


While it looks like a church, we are careful to call it a Ministry Center as we firmly believe that WE ARE the church. The church is people, not a building. The building is a tool that helps us accomplish the mission God has given us.


It took us several months to remodel the facility and transform it in a manner that would enhance our ability to live the mission God has given us. On July 22, 2007, we opened our doors and have been steadily growing since. 


We enjoy being in the neighborhood and seek to develop positive relationships with our neighbors. We also seek to make positive contributions to our neighborhood. One way we work at that is our JoyFEST where we invite the neighbors to come and enjoy a free meal and some time to connect with each other and us in a relaxed family friendly atmosphere. In addition we have become the faith-based partner at Pinehurst Elementary School, which is our neighborhood school.

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