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Receiving Love -  The Experience… 

First, RELAX! We are just ordinary people like you who happen to enjoy sharing life experiences and discovering God’s love together and encouraging each other to live as Jesus would. If you join us on a weekend, you will discover … A casual atmosphere where you can come as you are! No need to dress up, unless you are more comfortable doing so. Most of us will be wearing jeans and a t-shirt. You won't see ties or coats. In summer, shorts will be seen as well. Many of us have tattoos and those that don't secretly wish they did! 


2 Different worship gatherings – In each gathering, we meet to discover the way of Jesus, to connect as community, and to explore ways we can bless our neighborhood and world as together we become the hands and feet of Jesus. 

  • A Traditional Gathering on Sunday Morning @ 9 a.m. This gathering uses traditional hymns and other traditional elements. 

  • A Contemporary Gathering on Sunday Morning @ 10:30 a.m. This gathering makes use of contemporary music, visual arts, various musical instruments. Both worship gatherings include relevant, life applicable messages with the Bible as their basis, that help us take our next step toward Jesus!


Giving Love.... We seek to allow our discovery of the way of Jesus to affect the way we allow Jesus to live in and through us. Believing that we are blessed by God to bless others, we regularly look for ways that we can bless our neighborhood and world. It’s as simple as – when you see a need in the neighborhood let us know and you and we can form a team to meet that need. Or better yet, if you see a need, you form a team and begin to address that need. Some teams are one-time events and others are ongoing in nature.


Our continued efforts to bless Pinehurst Elementary School, which is our neighborhood school, has resulted in a deepening relationship with them as their Faith Based Partner. We love blessing them because they do so much for the families and children of our community. 


Check out the photo albums to see some of the ways we share God's blessing there.  Every time there is a 5th Sunday in a month (happens 4 times a year, instead of gathering for worship on that Sunday, we gather at 9 a.m. to go out into the community in teams to be a blessing on various projects.  We come back together at 12 noon for a meal and stories.  We call this our Be A Blessing Sundays.  There will also be some projects at our ministry center that can be done by those who face physical limitations and can't go out to be a blessing but would like to be a blessing just as much. 


Every year we open our facility (or rent a larger facility) to become an emergency homeless shelter for men and for this we work cooperatively with 14 other churches in Salisbury.


Each year we host a free neighborhood pork roast and fun fest and we invite our neighbors to join us.


And recently we have formed The Corner Church Collective - a collective of churches who are working on various projects together because we believe surely God smiles when churches work together.  The collective is Bethany Lutheran ChurchBeacon of Light Adventist ChurchThe Restoration Project and Community of Joy.  We jointly host the homeless men's shelter and have created the Camden Community Garden.

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